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Michele and Ali Burkholder are a family financial practice.  While Michele focuses on working with leaders in their field, Ali works with emerging leaders.  They have the unique ability to bridge the gap between generations. They can be the perfect complement to your personal or business financial succession plan.

Michele Burkholder

Michele is the seasoned professional (aka baby boomer).  Holding Sr. level positions with industry leaders like State Farm Insurance, Reliance and ING, she developed a comprehensive knowledge of the financial choices available.  Michele started her own practice in 2008 to work directly with individuals and business owners to help create real solutions to practical, financial challenges.  She guides her clients to establish efficient tax, wealth and protection plans.  She helps business owners create strategies to maintain their business Income with succession, retirement, key employee and estate planning.

After losing her father to an extended illness when she was 15, she witnessed the importance of planning for unexpected financial events.  She has the ability to help people feel comfortable with their financial choices, helping to ensure long term success, achievement and enjoyment.

Ali Burkholder

Ali is the young professional (aka millennial).  She strives to redefine what it means to be a traditional, money advising professional, by focusing on guiding you to the necessary resources and knowledge. She is inspired by a passion for people, problem solving, and new experiences.  She likes to encourage other bright, aspiring individuals to become independent and take charge of their financial situation.

A graduate of the Pennsylvania State University, she joined the Burkholder Team in May 2013.  She has the ability to help young professionals make sense of the abundance of information available to them.  Working with other millennials gives her the ability to build her business with people who will grow with her over time.