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Do Women Need Life Insurance?

Before you read on, I have to share, that I think owning life insurance is a necessity. Men and women both need life insurance. I would argue that it’s as important if not more important for women to have life insurance. Here are a few reasons why:

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Back to College?

This year sure looks different. But a few things haven’t changed. You still need to pay for college tuition, whether it’s virtual or on campus.

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Are Women Less Prepared for Retirement?

Whether you are male or female, what can you do if you find yourself in the situation that you haven’t prepared adequately for retirement?

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2020: Is There A Silver Lining?

The saying goes, “Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining.” While all of us have been impacted by Covid19, Is there a silver lining to the Pandemic cloud? While I would never minimize the devastation of losing a loved one, or the number of lives impacted by Covid19, it has given us the opportunity to change the way we view what is truly important in our life. Specifically, our financial health.

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