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Q: How much do you cost?

There are no fees for a preliminary discussion. All products and services with applicable fees are agreed to in advance as listed below.

Fee schedule

  • For insurance products, we get paid a commission.
  • For investments we get paid based upon assets under management.
  • While we may not charge a fee for a simple financial plan, we do offer fee-based planning** for those clients requesting a detailed plan or an objective outside opinion.

**Investment advisory services offered exclusively through HTK.  Please refer to Forms ADV Part 2A and 2B for complete information.

    Q: How do you get paid?

    • For insurance products, we get paid a commission.
    • For investments we get paid based upon assets under management
    • While we don’t typically charge for a simple financial plan, we do offer fee based planning for those clients looking for an objective outside opinion.

      Q: Why should I work with you?

      • We are ambitious professionals and people like to work with people like themselves.
      • Michele works with established leaders in their field;Ali works with emerging leaders.
      • We will complement your personal or business financial succession plan.

      Q: Why do I need a financial professioonal?

      This is the most commonly asked question, but it is one of the most critical decisions of your life. Whether at the start of your professional career or as a seasoned professional, working with a financial professional is vital. Just as you seek doctor for medical advice, the same is required for your finances.

      Consider the following important factors:

      • The financial industry is constantly changing and only a qualified professional in the financial industry can guide you through the maze of complexities.
      • A financial professional will help you every step of the way to make financial decisions for you, your family or business, which can give you peace and freedom to spend your time and money on what’s most important to you.

      Q: What is your process?

      • First, we meet for a brief phone or in-person meeting to see if we are the right fit.
      • We learn and identify where you currently are with your personal or business finances and what your vision for the future is, including your goals, dreams, as well as your concerns.
      • Welcome! You are now part of our family! We develop a plan and make recommendations.
      • Like all relationships, plans change and so do priorities. We will aim to meet with you yearly to keep our good work going.
      • The best part of our job is meeting with clients, but we know you have other family members, not just us. Our new client packet includes preferences. We will meet with you as often as needed. We’ll even join you for Sunday dinner to meet the rest of your (now our) family

      Q: What if I don’t want the full Burkholder experience?

      • Well, we will try not to be hurt, but sometimes your family is big enough.
      • We’re happy to solve individual problems as long as you give us sufficient information to help you make the right decision.

      Q: Do you require an asset minimum?

      That’s the beauty of having a family practice. The Burkholder Team have the resources to help individuals who want to improve their financial position without requiring an asset minimum. The only requirement is to have the desire to understand your choices to make informed decisions.

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